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One set of RX-1000 vacuum homogenization mixer delivered to Russia

April 23, 2013

One set of RX-1000 vacuum homogenization mixer delivered to Russia

A 40” container truck came to our factory this afternoon to load one complete set of RX-1000 vacuum homogenization mixer which was ordered by a Russian customer.

Days ago the customers had come to inspect and test the mixer with water. All parts worked smoothly and they were satisfied. After the test, they asked us to do some modifications which would be more suitable for their process in customer’s factory. Our customer is an engineering company in Russia and has been working with Ginhong for many years. They have a good team which can handle different kinds of jobs as installation, commissioning, training and maintenance etc.

Our RX series vacuum homogenization mixer without hydraulics is a complete vacuum mixer machine which adopts European technology and is suitable for almost all kinds of emulsions including cream, lotion, ointment and toothpaste. This end user will use our machine to make pharmaceutical cream. The mixer has a powerful bottom mounted high shear homogenizer which combines oil and water phase ingredients efficiently. A special powder inlet port is reserved for customer to add solid ingredient and some cold liquid ingredients.

An integrated CIP system has been included with rotating spray balls. When we tested the machine will CIP system, the balls rotated quickly and sprayed beautiful water which cleaned the inside of the vessel. Each vessel has been double jacketed with heating and cooling functions. Because of strict steam regulations in Russia, customer chose to use electric heaters although it heats a little bit slowly.

For this RX-1000, there’s no hydraulic lifting system which costs a lot of money considering its size. Basically there’re no negative effects on the functions of the machine, especially the homogenizing and emulsifying function. All mixing and homogenizing parts are still there which is necessary for making emulsions.

This vacuum homogenization mixer will soon leave from Shanghai and arrive at customer’s factory. We wish this machine just a starter for the relationship between our Russian customer and us. If you have similar requirements of pharmaceutical cream mixer, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to share our experience with you.

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