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One set of RS vacuum emulsifying vessel delivered today

July 3, 2010

One set of RS vacuum emulsifying vessel delivered today

One set of RS vacuum emulsifying vessel has been delivered to Shanghai Customs warehouse today. The destination of these two wooden boxes is Tbilisi, Georgia.

It’s a pharmaceutical factory and their head office is in Spain. They visited our booth in P-MEC China 2009 and brought our brochure. Then they contacted us in January, 2010 for the quote of a 30L vacuum emulsifying vessel to make gel.

The components of their gel are with high viscosity and there’s no water at all. So they’re wondering if our RS emulsifying vessel can do the job and considering if they should make a trial run in our 30L demo mixer.

But unfortunately they don’t have enough raw materials in stock for the trial run. So they decided to take the 30L demo mixer directly.

It happened that their colleague in Spain office would visit P-MEC China 2010. So their Spanish colleague visited our booth in Shanghai and checked the 30L mixer carefully. He was satisfied with our mixer.

As seldom ships go to Tbilisi, we asked several shipping agents to book the freight space for this mixer. Luckily one agent helped us find the ship going there.

We hope customer will receive our RS vacuum emulsifying vessel soon and start making their gel successfully.

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