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One set of 1000L perfume mixer sent to a cosmetic company in Ecuador

December 25, 2014

1000L perfume mixer with integrated chiller

Ginhong finished a complete set of XS-1000L perfume mixer with integrated chiller which was bought by a cosmetic company in Ecuador. The machine will be packed and sent today to Shanghai customs warehouse.

This 1000L perfume mixer was composed of a single jacketed tank with insulation, a chiller unit with 10HP Danfoss compressor, stainless steel evaporator, diaphragm pump, two millipore filters, one plate filter and a top entry pneumatic agitator etc. It’s a complete unit for cosmetic companies to make perfume, cologne and toilet water etc.

It’s one of our most valuable customers who made a second order on us. Before this 1000L perfume mixer, customer has already bought three sets of vacuum homogenizer mixer without hydraulics from us. They have two factories in Ecuador making both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

back view of 1000L perfume mixer

There’s one difference of this 1000L perfume mixer with our standard specifications. It’s the plate filter. In our standard machine, there’re two millipore filters with membrane inside. The filtration accuracy is 0.22 mircometers and 0.1 micrometers respectively. It’s already good to purify perfume. But customer is not quite sure of the filtration and wants to add an extra plate filter which will be better with filtering.

The Danfoss compressor in the chiller is of good quality which can make the temperaturer down to -15 degrees Celcius. When you make perfume, the lower the working temperature, the better for the wastes inside the perfume get precipitated. The model of Freon is R404A which is environmentally friendly. As the compressor is not explosion proof, customer has to keep the workshop in good ventilation. With powerful fans, the alcohol will not accumulate inside the workshop.

pneumatic agitator in perfume mixer

In the perfume making process, even cooling transfer is very important. You have to let the perfume mix well. To get it done, there’re two methods in our 1000L perfume mixer. The first is to circulate perfume by air diaphragm pump. The perfume is sucked by the pump from the bottom valve and goes back to the manufacturing tank from the top valve. The second is the top mounted air-driven agitator. It rotates clockwise to mix the perfume upwards and downwards.

Perfume mixer is the most important machinery in perfume making. If you have such requirements, please feel free to contact us to get an offer. We’ll pack the machine and send it out our customer today. You can watch the video below to learn more operations.

Video of XS-1000L perfume mixer with integrated chiller

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