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One 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and one 3hp water chiller shipped to Australia

October 2, 2014

One 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and one 3hp water chiller shipped to Australia

One set of RS series 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and 3hp indutrial water chiller was shipped to Sydney, Australia today from Shanghai. The mixer machine was made by Jinhu Ginhong Machinery Co., Ltd. and the chiller was made by Ginhong’s partner.

It’s a small cosmetic factory located in Sydney. Customer has been contacting us for a cream mixer from four years ago and just put the order in this May. Firstly they were inquiring about a 50L mixer which would be OK for their demand at that time.

Now customer was ready to take the machine and found that 50L is not enough for the production. So they requested us to send the quotation of 100L vacuum emulsifying mixer. As they’re not a big company, price is very important for their decision making.

In our RS series, there’re two basic designs of production version and simplified version. Production model is our standard configuration with hydraulic lifting system, powerful motor power, interlock protection devices and liquid ring vacuum pump etc. Simplified model is for budget tight customers with pneumatic lifting system, less motor power, less interlock protection devices and rotary vacuum pump etc.

100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer

Of course we always recommend production type for customers because of its advantages unless customers don’t have enough money to buy it. In this case, our Australian customer decided to take the simplified type first.

Cooling is very important in cream making process as it will help oil and water become emulsion quickly. After you heat the ingredients and mix and homogenize them, you’ll need to cool down the product to shape it. The faster the temperature drops, the better cream you’ll get.

Customer wants to cool down the content inside the main emulsifying mixer in about half an hour and then it goes to filling. To get it done, tap will not work efficiently and chilled water is needed. They chose a 3hp air cooled water chiller to work with the mixer machine.

Water chiller is an equipment to produce chilled water down to 7 degrees Celcius. There’s a compressor, water tank and water pump inside it. You connect the tap to the water tank. The compressor chills the water and the pump circulates the chilled water around the jacket of the main tank for continous cooling.

oil and water phase tanks in 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer

Before the shipment, we tested the 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer using water and it looks well. We also connected the water chiller to the main tank jacket and it brought down the temperature quickly too.

There’re three parts of the system including main mixer, oil/water pre-mixers and water chiller. We packed them in three plywood boxes. We didn’t use timber because of the straight regulations of Australian customs.

We feel grateful that we finished another set of successful cosmetic cream making machine. It’ll arrive in Sydney in around 20 days. Customer will use it soon. If you’re looking for such 100L vacuum emulsifying mixer and 3hp water chiller, please feel free to contact us today for a quotation.

Video of RS type 100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer

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