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Indonesian customers visited Ginhong for vacuum emulsification blender

August 4, 2014

Two customers from Indonesian visited Ginhong Mixer today to discuss the vacuum emulsification blender which is widely used to make cream and lotion in cosmetic industry.

Ginhong is one of the top manufacturers of vacuum emulsification mixers and blenders in China with the factory located in Jinhu, Jiangsu Province. We’ve been in this industry for years since we firstly entered it in 2006. With an experienced team of engineers, mechanicians and electricians, Ginhong Mixer has developed several different types of industrial mixers and blenders for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

This Indonesian customer met us in P-MEC China 2012 which is a famous pharmaceutical fair exhibited in Shanghai every June. It’s one of the best industrial trade shows in China for both domestic and international customers to find different pharmaceutical machinery.

Customer runs a trading company in Jarkata with his rich experiences in pharmaceuticals especially powders and solids. He visited our booth and liked our demo RS 200L vacuum emulsification blender with a top mounted batch homogenizer. This mixer design was firstly introduced by Japanese manufacturer and is quite popular in Asian market.

One of customer’s classmates owns a cosmetic factory in Indonesia. He trusts his classmate and bought a lot of different cosmetic machines from him. As his business now expands in cream section, he considers to buy a 500L or 750L vacuum emulsification mixer machine. Of course he turns to his classmate again.

Customer contacted us yesterday as he’s already in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. He wanted to visit our factory to learn more about us and our mixers and blenders. We drove to pick him from Jiangyin this morning. Customer was impressed by our facility and our demo machines and asked a lot of questions about our RS 500L/750L vacuum emulsification blender.

It proved to be a successful visit and meeting. After customer goes back to Indonesia, he will talk to his classmate and introduce our machine. He also considers taking one 200L RS vacuum emulsification blender as a demo mixer in his showroom. Now we’re waiting for his update of these two machines we talked.

Customer also showed interest in our 3000L horizontal ribbon blender which is usually used to mix powders in pharmaceutical and food industries. Although his existing supplier works well with him, it’s better for him to get a second supplier just in case.

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