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Ginhong uses new logo from today

October 23, 2013

Ginhong uses new logo from today

Ginhong is one of the top industrial mixer suppliers in China. We provide a wide section of mixing machinery including homogenizer mixer, emulsifying mixer, emulsifier mixer, mixing tank, multi shaft mixer, homogenizer, high speed disperser, planetary mixer, lab mixer, perfume mixer and storage tank etc for both domestic and international customers. Our mixers are mainly used for liquids, semi-solids/creams and powders in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and allied industries.

When we got started, we just designed a simple logo with the variation of our company name. It looks fine but not that great. Last month we invited a professional design studio to help design a new logo which will better present our company and machines.

The new logo is made of two parts. The left is an image which is composed of a circle and two rotating arrows. It stands for the swirl generated by the mixing blades. The right is our company name and mixer which we’re majored in. We hope this new logo will bring you a new look on our company and we look forward to your contact in future.

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