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Ginhong uploaded two videos of trial run of vacuum emulsifying machines in YouTube

February 24, 2014

Ginhong uploaded two videos of trial run of vacuum emulsifying machines in YouTube today. YouTube is the world’s most popular video share website and more and more people use YouTube to share their videos with their friends and families. Business people find it also very useful to share their videos with potential customers worldwide. It’s fast and convenient.

YouTube has become one of the latest and fashionable marketing methods worldwide. With the detailed description of the videos, people can find your video easily and watch it. When you want to introduce your company or products, a video may be more vivid than your words or images.

Ginhong manufactures quality vacuum emulsifying machines which are mainly used to make creams, lotions and ointments. To better sell our vacuum emulsifying machines, we need to find more useful marketing methods which can help do the job well. So we start to try YouTube video marketing.

The first video uploaded is the trial run of RS-250 vacuum emulsifying mixer and the second is the trial run of RB-50 vacuum emulsifier mixer.

It happens that one prospect from Australia is very interested in our RB-50 vacuum emulsifying mixer and wants to see how our machine runs. So we sent him the video URL and he watched it immediately. We experienced the power of video marketing instantly.

If you’re looking for good internet marketing method, we suggest you try out YouTube videos. Our RS-250L vacuum emulsifying mixer video is located here: and our RB-50 vacuum emulsifier mixer video here:

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