Ginhong finished commissioning air freshener mixers in Ningbo

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Ginhong’s technician finished commissioning one set of air freshener mixers ordered by a cosmetic company in Ningbo yesterday. Customer made a batch run on our mixers and found it satisfied.

The complete line includes one jacketed mixing tank, one cold mixing tank, two storage tanks with stirrers, two centrifugal pumps and some pipelines.

This customer mainly makes aerosol air fresheners and solid air fresheners. Because there’re strict regulations on the steam pressure vessels, they chose electric heaters for the heating.

They have two types of formulas of making air freshener: hot mixing and cold mixing. They put different ingredients into the mixing tanks and start mixing up. After the products are ready, they’re transferred to the two mixer storage tanks to avoid becoming hard. Then the liquids go to aerosol filling machine for filling into aerosol container.

Ginhong has good experience in making equipment for air fresheners. If you have such requirements, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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