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Ginhong finished a RX-200L homogenizer mixer for an Egyptian cosmetic factory

June 17, 2015

Ginhong finished a RX-200L homogenizer mixer for an Egyptian cosmetic factory

One set of RX-200L homogenizer mixer was completely finished by Jinhu Ginhong Machinery Co., Ltd. yesterday. It’s ordered by an Egyptian cosmetic factory located in Alexandria City. We’ll pack the machine in wooden boxes and deliver it to Shanghai customs warehouse tomorrow.

RX series production homogenizer mixer is mainly composed of one 200L manufacturing tank, one 100L oil phase boiler and one 120L water phase boiler. These 3 vessels are integrated in an unit with heating, cooling, mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, vacuum and lifting functions. It’s suitable for cosmetic factories to make cream, lotion and gel etc.

This egyptian customer has bought several sets of different mixers from us in the past years. They firstly bought two sets of 500L vacuum mixer homogenizers without hydraulic lifting system. Then they went for a RS-200L emulsifying mixer and several portable storage tanks. ( This year they wanted some better machines for making hair dye cream. So we recommended our RX design of German design.

Hair dye cream is a very thick product which is a combination of water, oil, glycerin and dyes etc. It’s used in beauty shops to dye people’s hair in different colors. Usually it’s so viscous that simplified mixers can’t do the job well. Powerful homogenizer with high shearing is a must to mix and homogenize the different raw materials.

back side of RX-200L homogenizer mixer

Our RX design homogenizer mixer adopts advanced technology from Germany. There’s a strong vertical inline homogenizer with sharp rotor and stator. The rotor has three layers of tooth with high cutting and centrifugal force. The rotor has three layers with fine slots. The gap between rotor and stator is only 0.25mm which is helpful in getting perfect particle size.

Because there’s no boiler in customer’s factory, we embedded electric heaters in the jackets of this 200L homogenizer mixer. We fill waters inside the jackets and start the heaters for indirect heating. A liquid ring type vacuum pump is installed to generate vacuum inside the main manufacturing tank. Vacuum can do the transfer of oil and water from the two pre boilers. A specially designed feeding port will be used to suck dyes and cold ingredients.

Our RX-200L is the most popular design and size in our vacuum emulsifier homogenizer products range. It’s suitable for different factories in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. If you have similar requirements, please feel free to contact us for a detailed offer. We’ll pack this 200L homogenizer mixer tomorrow and organize shipment to customer in Alexandria, Egypt soon.

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