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Ginhong developed mesh stator with one millimeter holes in high shear mixers

March 17, 2014

Ginhong is one of the leading high shear mixer suppliers in China. The key of high shear mixer is the rotor and stator which produces high shear force by high speed rotation. According to different applications, the rotor and stator are designed differently. The most common two designs are slotted rotor/slotted stator and blade rotor/mesh stator. Both designs are suitable for inline mixer and batch mixer.

Mesh stator is made of a screen with many holes drilled. The emulsifying and homogenizing abilities of a high shear mixer partly depend on the diameter of these holes. We can understand that the smaller the hole size, the smaller the particle size which makes the end product of good quality. Our standard hole diameter in the mesh is from 3mm to 5mm.

One customer in Chile bought us a 20L simplified vacuum emulsifiying mixer two years ago to make mayonnaise. They found out that the mayonnaise made by our RS simplified emulsifying mixer has just ordinary taste. The particle size is more than what they expected. So they made a new set of rotor and stator locally to replace our standard ones. The stator is made of mesh holes of 3mm. But they’re still not that satisfied. The final particle size they want is 2~5 micometers.

Last month, they turned back to us for help. They showed us the rotor and stator they made. They need a high shear mixer with integrated control panel for speed adjustment. The diameter of the holes they requested is 0.5~1mm. We guaranteed them that 2mm is no problem for us as we have confidence from the experiences in our daily work. For 1mm, we have to make a test first. It’s kind of difficult for 1mm aiguille to drill through the 3mm thick stainless steel board without deformation. We ordered the 1mm aiguille which are imported from abroad and made the drilling on Saturday. It proved to a great success. The final mesh stator was made perfectly.

You can see the differences from the two photos pasted below. The first mesh stator is made of 5mm holes and the second 1mm. With these smaller holes, customer will be happy to connect the inline high shear mixer to their existing vacuum emulsifying mixer to make quality mayonnaise.

Mesh stator with 5mm holes in high shear mixers

Mesh stator with 5mm holes in high shear mixers

Mesh stator with 1mm holes in high shear mixers

Mesh stator with 1mm holes in high shear mixers

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