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Ginhong delivered perfume mixing machine and fittings to a perfume factory in UAE

June 24, 2013

Ginhong delivered perfume mixing machine and fittings to a perfume factory in UAE

One 100L perfume mixing machine and some fittings were delivered to Shanghai customs warehouse today. It’ll be shipped to our customer in UAE for perfume making.

This customer is our repeat customer and has bought many sets of cosmetic machines from us. They build a new cosmetic factory mainly making perfume which is very popular in Middle East. Almost everybody uses perfume. Young or old. Man or woman. They firstly asked a fragrance company to buy the cream mixer from us. They buy fragrance and other ingredients from this company regularly.

They’re satisfied with the quality after they received our first machine. Then they started to contact us directly as we have good international sales persons. The communications went smoothly and they were satisfied. They gradually ordered some perfume mixing machines from us. Some are integrated with chiller and some with separate chiller. Some are big up to 2000L and some are small one like this 100L delivered.

Beside 100L perfume mixing machine, customer also bought some fittings for their factory. These fittings include plate filters, valves, diaphragm pumps, pipes and elbows etc. All of them are useful for a perfume factory. Contact us today if you need this perfume mixing machine too.

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