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Ginhong delivered one set of vacuum emulsifying mixer to Alexandria, Egypt

March 13, 2013

vacuum emulsifying mixer

Ginhong delivered one complete set of RS series 200L vacuum emulsifying mixer to Alexandria, Egypt this night by a truck.

The batch of wooden boxes contained one RS-200L vacuum emulsifying mixer and several other machines for an Egyptian customer. They should be delivered tonight to catch the ship leaving for Alexandria sea port in four days.

Ginhong got this order from a cosmetics manufacturer before Chinese New Year. It includes one standard 200L production vacuum emulsifying mixer for hair dye cream and one 50L open mixing tank for dissolving colors. The lobe pump is equipped for transferring the finished cream from emulsifying mixer to several portable storage tanks. As hair cream is of high viscosity, customer asked us to increase the motor power of homogenizer and wall scraper to handle this heavy duty.

Egyptian government issued a new regulation in 2009. It requests that all cosmetics must be prepared, made, transferred and packed in a closed system for sanitary purpose. So more and more cosmetics manufacturers in Egypt are now looking for good cosmetic making machines with cGMP standard. It’s a very good opportunity for Chinese suppliers.

If you have any questions or requirements on our RS emulsifying mixer, please feel free to ask us by email or telephone. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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