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Ginhong delivered one LZ-600 vacuum dual shaft mixer without hydraulics to Indonesia

March 31, 2017

Ginhong delivered one LZ-600 vacuum dual shaft mixer without hydraulics to Indonesia

One 600L vacuum dual shaft mixer without hydraulics was delivered to Guangzhou customs warehouse by a truck yesterday. It’ll be shipped to our customer in Indonesia for hair gel making.

Because we have good international sales persons, the communication between customer and us went smoothly. We provide corresponding offers and technical references according to their different requirements and also try our best to help him. Therefore customers were very satisfied and felt that we could be trusted. They ordered the machine from us finally.

LZ vacuum dual shaft mixer is a multi shaft mixer for the production of viscous pastes and emulsions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

It is generally made of mixing tank, vacuum system, heating and cooling system, temperature control system, electrical control panel etc. The vacuum mixing tank combines in a single vessel one low speed frame stirrer and one high speed disperser or top entry batch homogenizer.

For this LZ-600, there’s no hydraulic lifting system, but there’re no obvious negative effects on the functions of the machine, especially the homogenizing and emulsifying functions. All mixing and homogenizing parts are still there which are necessary for making emulsions. The ordered machine is used to make hair gels (high viscosity emulsions).

double shaft mixer without hydraulics

The machine has double jackets for heating and cooling and double temperature probes and controllers for electrical heating in mixing tank. Vacuum system in the machine is used for taking out air bubbles during mixing and to transfer the ingredients.

During the mixing operation, the frame agitator rotates clockwise slowly. With the attached Teflon blades, the materials are scraped off the vessel wall and moved upwards so they won’t always stick to the wall. Inner CIP system has been included with rotating spray balls for good cleaning. High speed disperser is replaceable with batch homogenizer for dissolving, homogenizing and emulsifying.

Customers said that this first order is a trial order. If the machine works well, he will continue to put the order of other machines. We look forward to building a long term business relationship with him. If you have similar requirements of our machines whether in the cosmetics or toiletries industries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will tell you all the knowledge and experiences we have.

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