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An introduction to Ginhong’s industrial mixers

October 13, 2013

Why Ginhong?

Two of the most important parts of business are reliable and dedicated service. Ginhong is a perfect example of a company that cares about the service and equipment they supply their customers with. As one of the leading industrial mixers manufacturers in China, Ginhong makes sure their customers are supplied with a ‘hands-on’ style of customer care.

Ginhong supplies its great products internationally and manages to meet every single standard as requested. As this great company continues to make a name for its service, the products they supply are second to none. When you’re purchasing a product it is always critical that you do so from someone that you can trust. Ginhong is happy to offer all of the assistance that you will need in a friendly, professional manner.

The right equipment for every job

Ginhong has made a name for its company with hands on work, fast delivery, and offering every mixing product you’ll need all in one place. If it’s industrial mixers that you need, we can offer the best service in every category. We offer products ranging from your planetary and lab mixers, to your high speed disperser and storage tank. Below are a few of the categories that we offer.


The industrial mixers sold and delivered by Ginhong have proven their high quality of production and long lasting life span. Our products are built with the same amount of dedication that our great employees show to our customers every day. We supply you with all of the knowledge and experiences of our great staff, so that you can meet your industrial needs.

Getting the best customer experience

Here at Ginhong we believe that our customer satisfaction comes before business. We offer great high quality products at an affordable low price. This great company focuses solely on the mixing field alone. We strive on being the true professionals that our customers deserve. Our commitment to our industry has made us one of the strongest providers of industrial mixers in the world. As we continue to grow, we will carry forward the hard working dedication we give to every customer to insure their satisfaction regardless of the needs being met.

At Ginhong, we offer you the opportunities you capitalize on and develop your business market. We’ll supply you with the equipment to offer your customers the very best in high quality products. If it’s mixing that you need, Ginhong is the answer.

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