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African customer from Congo visits Ginhong for mayonnaise making machine

September 17, 2010

An African customer from Kinshasa, Congo who needs a complete set of mayonnaise making machine visited our factory from September 16~17th. They’re very interested in our RX homogenizing equipment.

Our international sales manager first met this customer in Propak China some years ago and keeps in touch with customer. The company founded by Canadians was located in Kinshasa, Congo. They first make laundry soaps and have grown to produce diverse range of consume goods, such as mayonnaise, cooking oils, biscuits, soft drinks and cosmetics etc.

Customer has already had FrymaKoruma mixers in their factory. But because it’s originally designed for making cosmetics, it’s not suitable to work as a mayonnaise making machine as they want.

Mixers by FrymaKoruma are almost the best such mixers in the world. So they requested for the quote of a suitable mayonnaise making machine instead of cosmetics mixer. But they found the price was too high which is at least five times higher than mayonnaise machine offered by Chinese suppliers.

Customer understands FrymaKoruma’s mixer well and they have a clear idea that FrymaKoruma’s multi-row homogenizer is the best for making mayonnaise. Most of the mayonnaise manufacturers in Europe use their mixers to make mayonnaise.

Customer wants us to design a similar multi-row homogenizer which has not only strong high shear force but also great pumping function. It’s obvious that no mixer company can design such a fine and complicated homogenizer. And nobody in China can provide them mayonnaise recipe automation as Chinese seldom eat or make mayonnaise.

We finally made the decision that we make a small standard RX homogenizing equipment first. Then customer can buy ingredients in China to make a trail test in our mayonnaise making machine.

If the finished mayonnaise reaches their requirements, they can put the order for a bigger mixer or just take this small one first. If the test proves to be a failure, we’ll use it as our demo mixer. After all it’s absolutely suitable for making cosmetic creams and lotion.

Customer also checked the 7T petroleum jelly mixers ordered by the Tanzanian customer and trial ran the small lab vacuum emulsifying mixer. The great coincidence is that both men from Tanzania and Congo are Indians. And they happen to be both good at engineering, too.

We’ll start preparing for making the small mixer soon. We wish the future trial test will be a success in our mayonnaise making machine.

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