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A vacuum tank was sent to a pharmaceutical machinery company today

September 21, 2014

A vacuum tank was sent to a pharmaceutical machinery company today

A small vacuum tank was sent to a pharmaceutical machinery company by courier this afternoon. The tank will work as part of their traditional Chinese medicine processing equipment for ingredients mixing.

We’ve provided this traditional Chinese medicine machinery manufacturer with such vacuum tanks for several years when we just established our factory. At first time, they didn’t choose us as their long term supplier because our prices quoted each time were higher than our competitors.

So they put orders from some other vacuum tank suppliers in China. However, after several deals, they found two problems. The first is that the quality of their ordered tanks are not guaranteed at all. These tanks had bad welding and polishing although they were cheaper that our tanks.

The second problem is that they found it difficult to communicate with other tank suppliers. Although they provid other suppliers with full drawings, they still needed to call and tell them how to make each part and then assemble them. This made the communication time-consuming and they felt tired of it.

After the poor experiences, they finally turned to us for more expensive vacuum tanks. Although our tanks are a little bit more expensive, there’re more reasons that it is worthy of that much.

Now it turns out to be a win-win result for both of us. We sell them quality vacuum tanks. They pay the money that’s just a little bit more than our competitors. But there’re no problems now and they don’t worry about the quality of the tanks.

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