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6000L emulsifier machine sent to a pharmaceutical factory in Pakistan

May 13, 2013

A complete set of 6000L RB series emulsifier machine and 6000L closed storage tank was sent to Karachi, Pakistan last week. The container truck came to our factory to load the two machines and left for Shanghai port.

It’s our agent in Pakistan who sold the two machines to a pharmaceutical company to make liquid preparations. The emulsifier machine is composed of non-jacketed mixing tank and a powder liquid mixer which is used to disperse powders in liquids. Pipes and hopper are provided to connect the powder liquid mixer to the emulsifier machine and to feed powder manually. Mettler Toledo load cells are mounted on the four legs to measure the quantity of the product inside the machine. The closed storage tank is used to hold the finished preparation after it’s ready in emulsifier machine.

It’s not our first time to export pharmaceutical machinery to Pakistan. One 400L homogenizing mixer with Siemens PLC and HMI was sold to a pharmaceutical factory to make ointment and cream in 2011. Another 9000L closed storage tank was sold to the same factory to store purified water.

Pakistan and India are two countries which are famous for pharmaceuticals manufacturing. The markets develop fast and there’s good potential for our emulsifier machines to sell. Compared with local manufacturers, our machines have good quality. Compared with European manufacturers, our machines are cheaper. If you’re interested in our pharmaceutical machinery, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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