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250L mayonnaise making machine sent to Senegal

June 19, 2013

250L mayonnaise making machine sent to Senegal

A complete set of 250L mayonnaise making machine, lobe pump and storage tanks are loaded in a 20” container and they will be shipped to a food manufacturing factory in Senegal.

It’s a French customer who was once also a food mixer manufacturer in France. They’re specialized in vacuum emulsifying mixers which are usually used as a good mayonnaise making machine to product quality mayonnaise.

Customer chose RS vacuum emulsification mixer with oil and water premixers. But this mixer has something different. It has both direct and indirect steam heating system. Our standard RS mixer is double jacketed with insulation. The steam goes around the jacket and heats the mayonnaise inside the tank. The steam doesn’t contact directly with mayonnaise. It’s indirect heating. Anyhow direct heating is also popular in food industry. There’s a steam nozzle installed on the bottom of the tank. The nozzle is connected with the boiler. Steam jets out through the nozzle and is directly mixed with the mayonnaise. It’s faster and more efficient.

Customer told us that it’s their first time to introduce this direct heating nozzle to China although it’s quite popular in European market. Our company becomes the first mayonnaise making machine manufacturer with direct steam heating system in China.

There’re also two sets of flow meters which are used to automatically control the flow of oil and water. Centrifugal pump and pneumatic valve are used together with the flow meter. Settings can be done on the flow totalizer on the control panel. With this automatic flow control system, customer saves a lot of time to measure the quantity of ingredients.

This 250L mayonnaise making machine will be used in the factory in Senegal. If it works well, customer will continue to put the order of this machine. If you have same requirements of mayonnaise making, please feel free to contact us to get a solution.

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