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Working principle of vacuum emulsion homogenizer

May 19, 2013

vacuum emulsifier homogenizer

Particularly vacuum emulsion homogenizer is valid for a broad range of viscosity-manufactured goods, that is. emulsions and semi-solid. It unites integration, vacuuming, high temperature, cooling and homogenizing utilizing into particular mechanism, resultanting in a significantly decreasing in cycle time. Our level extends from laboratory form of 5 liters up to manufacture model of 5,000 liters operational capacity.

Vacuum emulsion homogenizer works on various working theories. The foundation of integration system of vacuum emulsion homogenizer is an amalgamation of counter – revolving paddle agitator plus internal homogenized. Gate-type agitator with cross perplex revolves in anti-clockwise track whereas counter paddle rotate in clockwise track, producing a disturbance in the in general rounded flow pattern and moisten vortex configuration. The cutting edge of paddles is at an angle to prop up top – to base flow. In adding up, changeable scrapers are used to stop the build-up of a inactive film among the agitator and the pot, and guarantee efficient heat relocate to product throughout heating plus cooling steps. The velocity of the agitator as well as the counter scull can be diverse individually.

Homogenizer, establishes at the base of the pot, achieves emulsification by physical stroke and centrifugal forces shaped by high-speed revolving of the rotor. These proceedings would smash up oil phase and water phase liquid torrent into tiny and distinct droplets. The counter revolving agitator apparatus, and become concluding products, will intensively as well as continuously mix up them. For adaptability of use, compatible high thickness and low thickness homo disperser heads are available with the organism. Homogenizer velocity is changeable by inverter power.

Conical vacuum mixing vessel is jacketed for cooling/heating purpose. Every contact component is stainless steel in nature. The vessel is designed to function in vacuum; addition and emulsification be able to be carried out without entrainment of pneumatic.

A temperature calculating probe, expanding directly into the manufactured goods, allows correct location of the temperature by means of a view to practice supervision. For the procedure of reproducibility integration time, manufactured goods temperature, agitator velocity, counter paddle rate in addition to homogenizing rate can be restricted to the desired situation.

Raw stuff nourishes to vacuum emulsion homogenizer can be obtained manually through the fully unlocked lid, or totally automatic through vacuum mechanism. Finished manufactured goods are released by manual discharge regulator or through particular design transmit pump on movable trolley into manufactured goods container.

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