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Why a cosmetic mixer machine necessary?

April 30, 2013

Common people cannot realize the mixing challenges that are faced within the cosmetics industry; for instance, reducing production times, procedure hygiene, powder and liquid mixing, also producing stable emulsions, and dissolving powders also disintegrating solids, mixing liquids of various viscosities with dispersing along with hydrating gums, with diluting highly active surfactants, thickeners as well as stabilizers plus many more. All these functions are performed by cosmetic mixer machine.  

The cosmetic industry works for you to get the perfect cosmetic and these all work are carried out by the mixing machines for your specific requirements. The manufacturers of these machines have the flexibility and convenience to custom design plus build machines to fulfill the exact specifications of the highest quality cosmetic products.

For applications just like shampoos along with conditioners, creamslotions, nail varnish and also liquid soaps, the makers of the cosmetic mixer machine have the mixing solution for all these products. The mixers are fantastic for blending the solid into powder and also liquid material. These tools have special forms of blades that are rotated within planetary track constantly, shearing, squeezing, kneading is doing work inside the vessel during the same time.

These machines’ blades move across the internal wall of the vessel also in the middle of mixing vessel, transport all the material from the outside to middle part, these reiterate the running along with moving, and helps make the products are mixed entirely and not any dead zone occurred. Furthermore, its vacuum, pressure, heating as well as cooling could be proceed at some point, proper for products that can do lots of cps. These machines’ mixing blade has specially designed angle, and their shearing force is boosted during mixing that assist to finish off the even viscosity with regard to the product.

So, to prevent all the materials stayed onto the inside wall of the vessel, and also Teflon scraper unit could be added to support the heat exchange. These machines’ high shear mixer could be installed as you requested.  You can exchange the various kinds of mixing blades for different products.

Eventually, all cosmetic makeup products machineries are absolutely tested before sale. The producers provide the guarantee one-year cost-free repair from date of buying. All the orders must be strictly followed throughout the production and even delivery time, without any discrepancy by the manufactures. Throughout the guarantee period, you can repair the machine through free in case the malfunction is generated by the level of quality of the product.

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