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Where you can find a cosmetic mixer

April 21, 2013

If you have your own factory and the only thing that you need to start the production is a mixer, then you should know that you can purchase a cosmetic mixer from the online stores. There are lots of companies which are selling different types of mixers. A cosmetic mixer is a big machine in which the liquids or other materials are mixed for creating a mass of substance, which will be bottled or processed further for obtaining a less viscous liquid, such as shampoo.

The cosmetic mixer is the most essential machine in a cosmetic factory after the research laboratory. There are different types of cosmetic mixers, those designed for obtaining soap, toothpaste, shampoo, or facial creams. There are also the universal cosmetic mixers that are used for the whole cosmetic production, but those mixers are expensive and are used by big factories which are producing different cosmetic products.

If you want to purchase a cosmetic mixer, first you need to calculate your budget, and to find something that you can afford. Also, if you don’t have enough money to purchase a new one you can always rent one or you can purchase a mixer which was already used by another factory. It’s highly recommended to purchase the cosmetic mixer from a company, because you can obtain warranty too. After purchasing your mixer you should install it and learn how to use it, and for this you’ll have to discuss with a specialist in this domain. You can acquire a mechanic mixer, which will be used by your employees, or you can acquire an automatic mixer, which is driven by a computer. The automatic mixer is recommended, because you can set the mixing time and the number of rotation that the propeller should perform for a certain period of time. This way you will obtain the mixing solution that you want, with increased or decreased viscosity.

After you’ve purchased your cosmetic mixer all you have to do is to create a recipe and to start the production. Teach your employees how to use the new mixer and also, make sure that the research laboratory is offering you the right recipe for starting the production. A single mistake in the laboratory can destroy the product, and even worse, can destroy the whole cosmetic mixer, and that’s why your chemists should research and study the mixing solution very well before offering the recipe to the factory.

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