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Where to find an emulsifier mixer supplier

June 20, 2013

When looking to purchase your next emulsifier mixer, will you be going back to your old supplier? Or do you need to find a new one? Maybe your old supplier failed you in some fashion and you don’t want to be stung again, they might have closed down or just moved premises so it’s not viable for you any longer to buy from them. This article will explain how to go about finding a supplier to fulfil your mixer needs and where to look for a reputable one; you may be surprised with what you find.

Ask yourself these questions to help you build a better understanding of what you need in a supplier.

  • What went wrong with your old supplier? If they did fail you in some way, what was it and how can you avoid it with your next supplier? The simplest answer to these questions may be to ask about whatever is troubling you before making a purchase. Any decent supplier will be happy to answer customer’s queries and will do so in a timely manner.
  • How much do you know about the new supplier? If the answer is very little then you need to do your homework. Check them out online, in trade magazines, on forums and reviews. See what others have experienced with them and if they would use them again.
  • Do you have a good standing relationship with anyone else in your industry? If so, use those contacts to find out their experiences with various suppliers of mixers, see who they recommend and who to avoid.
  • If the problem with your last supplier is them moving to new premises, why is it not possible to still buy from them? Is this because the delivery charge would be too great? If that’s not the reason then what is? Some suppliers will absorb the delivery themselves so check out if they do this and if so, how far do they deliver. See if it worth your while organize your own way of delivery and also check out if they may give you a special deal for being an existing customer, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Now, shift the focus from thinking about suppliers with a bricks-and-mortar shop and check out online suppliers. Their costs can be considerably lower for the same product and brand purely because they don’t have such overheads as ground rent, electricity, storage etc. They may not absorb the delivery charges but it may still be worth your while to pay that if you are saving in other areas.

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