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What is lab vacuum emulsifying mixer?

July 13, 2013

A lab vacuum emulsifying mixer is a type of vacuum processing machinery which is used in the production of cream as well as lotion in chemical industries. The mixer is made of vacuum system, electronic control panel, heating and cooling system. The emulsifier mixer is composed of a high speed shear, wall scraper and a rotating centre agitator. Oil and water lab vacuum emulsifying mixers have been made in the same way. There is a very high speed agitator that has been fixed on top of the cover and helps in dissolving ingredients. There are some people who remove the oil and water phase mixers. They only keep the main emulsifier.

The lab vacuum emulsifying mixer works in a unique way. During the mixing process, the outer frame agitator rotates clockwise very slow. Then the materials are scraped off the vessel and they move up to avoid sticking to the wall. The inner straight impeller moves clockwise very slowly and then moves the cream downwards into the emulsifying zone. But, one of the most essential parts of a lab vacuum is homogenizator.

This part is composed of a high speed rotor as well as a holed stator. Siemens motor drives the rotor at high speed producing strong suction force. When the materials move up and down, they are cut, emulsified and sheared. Then they are then accelerated to move out of the holes on the stator. A lab vacuum emulsifying mixer has the ability to disperse, emulsify, cooling, homogenizing and heating. It is composed of the main tank, feed material system, unloading material system, oil tank, temperature control system and inverted feeding equipment.

Since there are different types of lab vacuum emulsifying mixers in the market, it is good to read more about the model which you want to buy. This is vital so that you know the features of the mixers and how to operate them. It is also good to read reviews about the model which you want to buy before making a decision. When searching for a lab vacuum emulsifying mixer to purchase there are three things that you should keep in mind the cost, quality and features. Do not purchase a used lab vacuum emulsifying mixer even if it is cheap.

Before purchasing a lab vacuum emulsifying mixer make sure that it is not fake. There are so many lab vacuum mixers online and not all of them are original. In order to know whether they are fake or not read the seller feedback. If you are purchasing the mixer from a website make sure that the website is reputable. Read the terms and conditions in the website. You should also make sure that, the payment option is working well so that you do not loose your money easily.

There are some online sites which have promotional and discount offers. It is good to take advantage of this. There are others which offer free shipping and discount if customers purchase lab vacuum emulsifying machine in large quantities. The advantage of shopping online for the mixers is that you will have a good chance to look at different types of designs and styles of lab vacuum emulsifying mixer.

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