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What is an industrial process?

June 2, 2013

There is no doubt at all that industries form the backbone of any economy. The same industries bring to a common man the essential commodities of living. Industries are composed of industrial processes and activities which are vital for effective and production of products. An industrial process is a procedure that involves chemical and mechanical processes that help in the manufacture of a certain item or various items. The processes which are involved in the manufacture of the items become the most important components of heavy industries.

Industrial process is essential because it contributes to the conversion of a costly item into a cheaper price. There are different types of industrial processes and most of the time one method is used in the manufacture of a single item. The processes end in the production of a certain item although it establishes other unnecessary by products that are toxic, hazardous and difficult to manage. There are only a few industrial processes that can be controlled and are self contained.

One of the most popular industrial processes is general processes. This process is used in almost all the big industries. Examples of such type of processes are freeze drying, scrubber and liquefaction of gases. Liquefaction of gases is a process that is mostly used for easy transportation from one part to another. Freeze drying is the process of removal of excess liquid while scrubber is the process of removing pollutants from exhaust gas.

The second type of industrial process is known as chemical process. This process involves the methods of changing of chemicals. The process is mostly used in changing chemicals or materials using chemicals. Some of the most popular chemical processes are py-roprocessing, smelting and disinfection. Smelting is the process of enhancing metals using various chemical substances. Disinfection is whereby chemicals are used in killing bacteria and viruses while py-roprocessing is the process where heat is used in combining materials. One of the most popular materials that is used in py-roprocessing method is cement.

The fourth type of industrial process is physical address. This is whereby various metals as well as materials are reshaped or moulded. The metals are reshaped through various procedures such as polishing, cutting and folding. In order to get more information about different types of industrial process read articles online. You can also do research on the internet so that you get more information about industrial process and types.

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