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What is an industrial blender?

June 16, 2013

industrial blender

An industrial blender is a type of machine that is used in blending or mixing different elements in commercial settings. The blender is mostly found in food companies, product manufacturing places, in pharmaceutical and chemical labs. Most of industrial blenders resemble home mixers. Industrial blenders are large and they look like giant boxes. Most of the industrial mixing jobs are done in closed containers that have limited air supply and controlled temperatures. Most consumer products are composed of proprietary blends of different types of ingredient as well as chemicals that are not only mixed together but they are melded together through a scientific process known as chemical bonding or emulsification. This type of blending can only be achieved using an industrial mixing machine.

The main aim of industrial blenders is facilitating some reaction between the ingredients. The first part of the process is mixing the ingredients. Scientists are capable of programming industrial mixers to control their mixing speed, times and temperatures. Most of the mixers give operators the option of adding ingredients to the mix at different intervals. There are different types of industrial blenders and most of them are optimized for different reactions and products. For example, industrial agitators are mostly used in situations when liquids have to be shaken together. High shear blenders have been made in such a way that can emulsify liquids and even powders into solids. This type of high shear mixing is vital when it comes to the formulation of lotions and other type of cream substances. Viscosity mixers soften thick materials such as pastes and plastic through rolling and kneading them mechanically.

There is nothing which a mixer does that can be done by a scientist or even a chemist.  Experts use their knowledge and research in manipulating mixers settings. The main benefit of the mixer is volume and efficiency. Manufacturers can be able to come up with a lot of uniform substances using an industrial blender without spending a lot of money. An industrial blender is a very vital device in most modern production endeavors.

Blenders are mostly found in scientific settings especially in places where mass production of chemical compounds and medications is done. After the pharmacologists decide the precise reaction that they want to do so that they can get a certain drug, they program industrial blenders so that it facilitates the breakdown and reaction on a larger scale. In food industries, blenders are used in adding and stabilizing preservatives. For the food products to be transportable and good for consumption, they are augmented with different types of chemical stabilizing agents.

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