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What is an emulsion machine

May 27, 2013

An emulsion machine can refer to variety of machines, for domestic use or industrial use. An emulsion machine could be a mixing machine that aids in the combining of one or more liquids, a machine that stabilises certain liquid mixtures or it could refer to a machine to help one apply emulsion paint to walls, ceilings, doors, fences or even windows and staircases. We’ll examine in one in turn including their similarities and major differences, their applications and industrial uses.

Industrial Emulsion Machines

This is often a machine used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, photo, paper, timber, production engineering, construction, road construction, paints & dyes, lubricants, herbicides, detergents, bitumen, fuels, mining and the textile industries. As you can see from this long list, an emulsion machine is a very versatile machine.

Usually when discussing industrial emulsion machines this will refer to a certain type of mixing machine. This machine will takes in 2 or more different kinds of liquids that usually can’t combine in a stable manner. It then mixes them inside a static container which houses a rotor that revolves at high speed.

It can, however refer to a machine that takes a pre prepared emulsion that needs a stabiliser added to it, injects the stabiliser and remixes this solution to blend the two components perfectly.

Examples of its industrial use can be:

  • In the textile industry it can be used to produce certain clothing treatments or coatings.
  • In production engineering it can be used as liquid applicants when cutting and working with metal and other machines such as shears and clippers.
  • Or in the road construction industry it can be applied to the creation of certain road surfacing materials.

Domestic Emulsion Machines

This is where an emulsion machine can relate to not only the above mentioned types of machinery but also to at home use products to make life a little easier for you. Certain types of paint are called emulsions because they are mixed with water and other liquids in a similar process as described above. These paints are known as latex paints (although they hold no latex rubber).

Some examples of domestic uses are:

  • Emulsion applying painting machines – these have grown very popular in the last few years as people don’t want to employ someone to do the painting them.
  • Food industry – an emulsion mixer is used in the creation of such things as vinaigrettes, creams, etc
  • Cosmetics industry – this machine will be used in forming liquid mascara, lipstick, foundation etc

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