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What is a vacuum homogenizer mixer?

August 24, 2013

A vacuum homogenizer mixer is a type of machine that allows the user to mix compounds in conditions to avoid bubble formation. The mixers are available for different companies for medical use, scientific research and food service. If you are not financial stable to purchase a brand new vacuum homogenizer mixer, it is imperative to rent one.

A vacuum homogenizer mixer is equipped with a central mixer drum and it pumps out air as well as creating vacuum conditions. It is possible to adjust the level of pressure and vacuum so that it fits different applications. When using the mixer, the mixing blades usually rotate around the central assembly and throughout the mixing process the user can keep materials under vacuum. A vacuum mixer is used in preparing cements, amalgam and other types of materials that are used in medical applications. The cements will fail if they contain air bubbles or if they are not mixed well. The good thing about the vacuum homogenizer mixer is that it prevents formation of air bubble and homogenizes components like powders and alginates.

Vacuum homogenizer mixers function in different ways. Most of the designs are equipped an outer squeegee blade that helps in wiping down the sides of the mixer. This makes materials to mix completely and to avoid sticking. As the blade turns, the vacuum conditions will prevent development of bubbles.

Most of the vacuum homogenizer mixers have been designed in such a way that they met standards for medical and food equipment because they are mostly used in making of products that humans will consume and even come into contact with. In some cases government representative inspect vacuum homogenizer mixers who set and enforce health codes.

Using vacuum mixers can be very difficult especially for first time users. This is one of the reasons why most manufactures put instructions for checking and cleaning the mixers. It is good to follow recommendations that the manufacturers have included. Vacuum homogenizer mixers are machines and they can spoil any time. Therefore it is vital to check your vacuum mixer at least once every week; this will help in reducing stress. If you are buying a brand new mixer it is good to ask from the shop which you are going to purchase if they offer warrant and for how long is it. You also need to find out if they repair the mixers incase they get spoiled.

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