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What is a ribbon mixer and what does it do?

April 6, 2013

Ribbon mixers are widely used in various industrial and manufacturing applications. It is generally used when we want to mix all the ingredients finely when each ingredient itself is made up of huge amount of particles.

It consists of some mixing blades that are angled in various directions and also consists of central shaft. These blades are angled in various directions in such a way that they look like as if ribbons are covered around the shaft. This enables the ribbon mixer to move in various directions which ensures that all the ingredients are properly blended. Ribbon mixer moves in several directions at the same instance.

Ribbon mixer has found its uses in various fields. There are various applications in which ribbon mixer is widely used. Some of the fields where ribbon mixers are used include medicine and food manufacturing industries in addition to some heavy industries. They are also important equipments in various other industries.

Ribbon mixer has certain characteristics. It generally consumes lots of power or electricity thus making the process a little expensive. It also works very slowly. But, in spite of all these drawbacks, ribbon mixer just does its work with perfection.

It is highly efficient and does its job remarkably. It mixes all the ingredients very efficiently. It does its job outstandingly and gives full satisfaction.

The most striking feature of ribbon mixer is that it is able to move in all possible directions. This helps in thorough mixing of all the ingredients. All the credit for such an efficient mixing goes to its blades which are angled in such a way that ribbon mixer can move in two directions at a time.

Mixture that is present nearby outer part of the container generally moves typically in one direction and similarly, the mixture that is present near the outer part of the apparatus moves in the reverse direction to the previous one.

The perfect shape and design formulated for the ribbon mixture ensures that all the constituents are mixed thoroughly. The proper required shape ensures that no particles are left undisturbed that may be present on the base of the apparatus. And this mixture also ensures that all the ingredients are mixed at the proper amount in the same ratio.

However, one should be cautious before using ribbon mixer. The use of ribbon mixers is not suggested for mixtures that have sticky final product. This is due to the reason that final substance is not able to get rid of the mixture due to the complex shape of mixer in which it is blended. Farm or pet animal foods, powders, fine gravels in addition to certain medications are made by using ribbon mixers.

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