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What is a mixer supplier?

August 26, 2013

A mixer supplier is a distributer of mixer products; sometimes these providers will also manufacture their own mixer products too. The term mixer supplier is a very broad term, it can relate to industrial mixing equipment such as concrete mixers, domestic mixers like food mixers and blenders, retail mixers such as drinks mixers or even products added to alcoholic beverages which are known simply as ‘mixers’.

In the industrial mixer category most suppliers do not just provide this equipment, they design, develop and build it themselves, thus there are many mixer suppliers and machines to choose from. Depending on the mixers application will relate to what you need to look for when choosing a mixer supplier. For example if you are looking for a pharmaceutical mixer supplier you will have certain criteria for the machine, you may also have a government industrial standard mark that suppliers will need to show to deem the equipment safe and legal to use.

Domestic mixer suppliers are very different from the above. Most mixers used in the home will have the national safety certificate but nothing further; they will also be distributed mostly by 3rd parties such as big department store, electrical shops and online retailers. Some of these products will also (or sometimes only) be sold by trade focused shops or wholesalers.

Retailers use certain mixer suppliers that exclusively sell to shops, cafes, restaurants or bars. These mixers can include drinks mixers like snow cones, fruit juices or coffee blends, cocktail shakers or even seasoning mixers for food. They may also use similar food mixers from mixer suppliers mentioned above. The mixer suppliers that provide a service to this industry again have to adhere to strict standards of health and safety with their products and these products are also more robust than their domestic counterparts.

Lastly, you can also have suppliers who sell only mixers for alcoholic drinks. These include cola and juices primarily manufactured for adding to drinks like whiskey and other spirits. They can sell certain types of carbonated (soda) waters to drinks as well as accessories such as cocktail shakers and measures. These suppliers will also have certain policies and laws to obey so they may carry on their business, but again, these will be different for their industry.

No matter the type of mixer supplier, they will all have rules and regulations to comply with and have a governing board to make sure this is done. This will include (but not limited to) careful inspection of their manufacturing process, upkeep of products, safety while in use and (if applicable) food and hygiene.

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