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What is a lab homogenizer mixer?

October 6, 2013

A lab homogenizer mixer is a type of high speed, high shear mixers that helps in reducing samples to sized molecules through various processes such as blending, maceration and cutting. They are mainly used in processing granular substances, processing liquids and slurries. Some of the product specifications for a lab homogenizer mixer are motor speed, capacity, operating temperature, feed rate, media viscosity, motor power and many more.

Viscosity is the process of measuring fluid’s thickness while capacity is the volume of the product that the lab homogenizer mixer can be able to accommodate. There are other lab homogenizer mixers that include a heating and cooling element. There are mainly three types of lab homogenizer mixers rotor stator, ultrasonic and fluidized bed. The benefit of fluidized bed homogenizer is that they are durable and efficient. Apart from that they can be able to achieve fast rotational speeds but they need higher levels of horsepower.

Rotor stator homogenizers are single shaft and they are equipped with an impeller that helps to rotate in close proximity. They can also be found in different sizes in the market but they all function on the same principle of disrupt and blend. Ultrasonic homogenizers are different from rotor stator homogenizers because they apply ultrasonic waves. Lab homogenizer mixers are not the same when it comes to mounting styles and user interface they differ. Some of the most popular homogenizer that are available include handled, stand mounted and portable. What defines the user interface of lab homogenizer mixers are display type and local interface. There are three types of display types video display, analog meter and numerical display. Analog meters are equipped with a dial or indicator lights.

Lab homogenizer mixers are used with different types of materials but they are suited for fibrous products as well as high moisture. There are also used in other processes such as dispersing, comminuting and dissolving. There are also other lab homogenizer mixers that are used in process reactions, extraction, wetting applications and emulsification. Lab homogenizer mixers are not complex pieces of equipments it is a precision laboratory equipment which must be used in the correct way in protecting the homogenizer but also the technician who is using it. When using lab homogenizer mixer you should not under power the drive motor because you will easily burn it.. You have to be extra careful when handling generator components. If the lab homogenizer mixers are handled well they will last for a long time and after using it you must clean it.

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