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What is a homogenizing machine?

August 17, 2013

A homogenizing machine is a type of device that takes a product and makes it a uniform consistency then helps in reducing separation. Most of the homogenizing machines have wide range of scientific uses; one of the places that they are mostly found is in food manufacturing. The machines use a high pressure system in mixing the substances especially in the food industry. There are other people who use a homogenizer in reducing variance found in a substance.

The food industry is one of the most popular places that homogenizing process is used. Buyers want to know what they should expect if they purchase prepackaged food. If for the first time a certain food tasted one way, they expect that it should taste like that all the time. To keep the level of consistency, materials which are used in making the food are mixed in large batches. After the materials have been mixed, they are processed by a homogenizer to ensure that all the ingredients are combined evenly. The large, homogenized batches usually remove any variation found in the substance and makes the food the same all the time.

In the milk industry this has been the standard for several years. Milk is colleted and kept in a tank because milk comes from different animals; there are areas of the tank that will have a different makeup. For instance, there is one area which might have high fat content and another area might have little. The milk is going to be mixed and then it will be forced through small holes. This pressure will force the milk from the tank to mix, making it to have a homogeneous mixture.

Outside food preparation, a homogenizer machine is not used so much and it is less common. There are scientific fields that use machines for doing research. They usually take large number of samples and then homogenize them in order to come up with a single aggregate sample. This sample is going to be represented in the entire group thou there is no sample that is exactly like it. This is something that is mostly experienced in medical and genetic research. Most of the homogenizers machines use high pressure in forcing the materials to mix but there are other methods. In order to achieve a course mixture, there are some systems which use machines that are large blenders. For difficult substances bead mills are used, these machines will crush the material into very small particles.

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