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Vacuum mixer emulsifiers and their use in cosmetics

September 6, 2013

Here is a quick rundown of what a vacuum mixer emulsifier is – a vacuum emulsifier is a type of mixing device that facilitates the client to combine various liquids as one by the help of a water circulation component and a vacuum pump, they also might come with diverse paddles such as a homo mixer and a paddle mixer. Small models may only process up to 2L but others may process 5L and beyond but these are usually only used inside laboratories.

Now you’re up to speed on what a general vacuum mixer emulsifier is we will expand on this knowledge and concentrate on the type of vacuum mixer emulsifiers used in the cosmetics industry but also the products they help to create.

A more in depth explanation of what a vacuum mixer emulsifier is:

From the power of the high speed emulsifier the ingredients get pushed through the slender space of the head of the emulsifier, it then forms a strong circulation in the chamber. In the middle area, center blades and outer low paced anchors rotate in an opposite direction to one another. This produces great shearing, dispersion and impact within the chamber which then augments the solidity, smoothness and sheen of cream produce. You can change the emulsifying head attachment to other heads to suit your various needs.

The design of these high speed emulsifying mixers means that great effectiveness can be achieved when concentrating on mixing and thickening of these products. Teflon scrapers which are connected to the agitator provide easier cleaning solutions for you as they scrap clean the sides as the machine mixes. These are fixed to the outer mixing frame so that they change position as they always touch various parts of the inner wall when turning. This can also help with blending and mixing, reducing the time the machine has to be working and also with heat-exchange – making them very valuable add-ons indeed.

The cosmetics industry uses these machines in various products but the most common of which are probably:

  • Various facial and body creams – these can be scented or unscented, for sensitive skin etc
  • Lipsticks – both hard and liquid lipsticks
  • Lotions – such products include baby lotions, moisturisers and sun tan lotions
  • Shampoos – every single type of shampoo and conditioners go through this process, including 2 in 1 products

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