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Vacuum homogenizer for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

November 20, 2013

When it comes to the production of cosmetics and drug products, industrial players and manufacturers depend highly on the services of vacuum homogenizer machines. They are so-called because they perform mixing, blending, and homogenizing within a vacuum state. They are utilized for batch production of creams, ointments, tablets, and many other complex products. These tools are used according to set operational standards.

Why the need for such complicated mixing tools? Is it not possible to manufacture these products with the use of simple mixers?

First, it must be understood that products from pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields possess complex ingredients. Such materials can only be mixed and processed properly by allowing them to undergo a series of process, such as dispersions, emulsion, de-aeration, dissolution, thermal exchange, and homogenization. And because of the difficulty of producing these products, special attention and complex processes are necessary to ensure successful production.

Fortunately, high technology helps in coming up with the necessary tools and equipment to provide solutions that assure product quality and consistency. There are known latest models of vacuum homogenizers that efficiently perform the needed operations in pharmaceutical and cosmetics product. They can be depended upon when it comes to making lab formulations. These tools are also the best options in the case of mass production operations. Moreover, additional functions such as sterilization, cleaning, and maintenance have also been properly included in the designs of these machines, making them the perfect homogenizing tools possible for such industries.


The agitator is common vacuum homogenization equipment that is ideal for processing volumes of as little as three liters to as much as 20,000. It either has an adjustable or fixed head. It also has a combination of two main components, rotor and stator. This blade assembly performs emulsion and dispersion operations perfectly.  They basically produce contra-rotating movements that ensure a totally perfect process, with proper thermal transfer.

Latest vacuum homogenizers

More and more manufacturers are coming up with the latest models that deliver superb vacuum homogenizing capabilities, especially in drugs and cosmetics industries. The most modern tools have been the result of many years of experience and development in the area of mixing. At the same time, makers assure that these tools are able to meet the expectations of users; hence, they present both simplicity in components and efficiency in performing the mixing processes.

The latest vacuum homogenizer equipment for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics always delivers perfectly homogenized mixture in an efficient and timely manner. Manufacturers are assured that the use of such tools result in the best quality products possible. In the case of mixing systems, they are composed of top quality, independent blending tools and parts. Being vacuum-based, such systems possess unique yet highly superb designs that guarantee the production of outstanding products.

The latest homogenizers don’t compromise at all. They are very safe to use, easy to clean and maintain, and meet the mixing requirements of users perfectly. These tools are the best choice of manufacturers in producing their most demanding and complex pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

vacuum homogenizer

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