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Understanding perfume mixers

April 16, 2013

There is probably no need for yet another essay that talks about the role that perfumes play in our lives in the present day and age. Perfumes need no advertisement; they speak for themselves, and we can thus move on to a basic look at how they are made industrially.

A typical perfume mixing setup is essentially a mixing, freezing and filtration system that is used to manufacture perfume, deodorant and cologne. There are several components of the mixing system. The first component is the perfume mixing tank, which is a single jacket insulated steel container. A spiral evaporating coil connects the tank to the second component – the chiller. The chiller, as the name suggests, is responsible for the required plunges in temperature that can go down to -15 degrees Celsius. The third component of the perfume mixer is the filtration system that consists of two filters made of polypropylene microporous membrane. The capacity of this highly precise filter ranges from 0.2 to 1 micrometer.

Unlike other industrial mixing processes involving homogenization, the perfume mixing process usually does not involve agitation. The mixing is static in nature, and is achieved by means of circulation. A series of filtration processes are repeated to finally get the required mix, while at the same time the chiller reduces the surrounding temperature to treat the perfume. The working capacity of a typical perfume mixer ranges from 100 litres to 1000 litres. Sometimes an agitator can be introduced to speed up the mixing process. The setup is highly automated. As the process itself relies on filtration, no amount of impurity can be tolerated. As such, remote controls are often sold along with the mixers so as to prevent any more physical contact during the process than absolutely necessary.

The rage that perfumes have always created in the world of fashion can be very overpowering. To think that if it was not for a piece of industrial equipment, these fragrances would not have existed on the market on the scale that they do today is a very humbling thought. Such is the way of machines, though; they are designed to create and then be forgotten in the rush of attention that the product they created attracts. The machines continue to work silently in the background, unaffected by the success or failure of their product. That particular task can be left to the humans to control and manipulate for eternity.

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