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Types of cream mixer

April 22, 2013

The cream mixer is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in little laboratories or big factories. This mixer is designed for offering a big viscosity of the mixing solution. There are just two types of cream mixers: little ones, which are working with electricity and are used in little laboratories which are not having a big variety of products or a big production, and the big mixers, which are having pressure controllers and are heated with gas cylinders. Those mixers that are used in the factories are offering better products, and the production is bigger, because the capacity of the industrial cream mixer is bigger.

It’s very important to notice the difference between these two mixers, because one is offering low-quality creams, which are not even purchased by clients, and the other one is a professional mixer which is offering high quality creams, with beneficial effects. However, the big factories of today started with little mixers, and when they’ve made enough money they moved to another level, using professional mixers. However, the professional mixers shouldn’t be in perfect shape if you don’t have money to purchase one, because you can easily purchase a second-hand mixer which is greater than the little laboratory mixer.

The little cream mixer which is used in little laboratories is just mixing two substances without offering too much viscosity and any medical effect. The professional mixer is mixing the solutions; keep them under pressure and heating the product, offering a high quality cream. On the other hand, in the professional mixer medical plants can be added, offering nice smell to the cream and medical benefits. The creams which are produced in the professional mixer are creams for rheumatic pains, facial and tan treatments and creams for treading arthritis. A laboratory mixer can’t produce these types of creams, and if it can, then the quality will be lower.

Those are the types of cream mixers that are used in the pharmaceutical industry. In conclusion, the industrial cream mixer is better than the other one, without any doubts. The professional mixer is offering real medical creams, with a lot of benefits and the production is bigger, because of the wide capacity that the professional mixer has. However, if you find difficult to purchase a brand new mixer, you can start using a second-hand one, and when you gather enough money, you can purchase a professional mixer.

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