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Types and uses of industrial mixer

May 28, 2013

industrial mixer

An industrial mixer is a huge machine that is used in mixing different types of industrial materials like cosmetics, construction, dye, pharmaceuticals, paint and cement. The machine is also used in food industries, beverages and water treatment plants. There are so many consumers who utilize the machine from a global perspective. Industrial mixers such as cement mixers can be found in different varieties in the market that includes wave mixing, agitator mixing, sluicing mixing and wave mixing.

Among all these mixers, the most popular form of industrial mixer is the agitator mixer. This type of mixer is mostly used in liquid processing industries because it is easy to get, portable, cost effective and it is used for different purposes. Apart from that there are different types of agitator machines in the market. There are other types of industrial mixers such as vibration mixers, ultrasonic, screw, conical and planetary. Mixers which have paddle shaped feet and fixed arms are referred as paddle mixers. There are industrial mixers that are ribbon shaped known as ribbon mixers.

An industrial mixer uses drums, kneaders, agitators and tumblers. There are other mixers which use twin rotor, a single rotor and a rotor stator. There are various types of tumblers and drums in the market. Examples of them include horizontal drums, double tumblers and twin shell tumblers. Most of the drum mixers have been made using folding impellers that help the mixer to fit to the closed drums. They are usually opened when the machine is turned on.

Businesses which are supplying users with different types of uniform mixtures should do what they can to avoid any splitting from taking place. Used mixers are becoming popular in the market, despite the saving that, the business is going to make. Before purchasing an industrial mixer, there are factors, which you have to consider. The first factor to consider, is the type of work that, you will be using the mixer to do the work and for how long you planning to use it. Used industrial mixers are cheap, but they require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, if you are planning to use the mixer daily, a used one is not good for you because it is not going to be effective. It will also cost you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance.

Another factor, to consider is where you are going to be purchasing the mixer. If you are buying it from a good dealer, you will be guaranteed that, it is going to operate properly for some months and years depending on how you are going to be using it. If you want to purchase a good used mixer, it is good to purchase the machine from a reputable dealer. This will prevent disappointments and using a lot of money when it comes to maintenance.

The last factor to keep in mind before purchasing a mixer is safety. Most industrial mixers cause a lot of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Most of these accidents are caused by the operators because of careless mistakes and errors, it is important to make sure that, the industrial mixers which you purchase are safe.

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