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Things to keep in mind before choosing any new mixing vessel

April 7, 2013

The criteria of distinguishing one mixing vessel from another are changed now. If you have not performed any task in which you are asked to differentiate the mixing vessels, it is highly recommended that you forget all about the rules that used to be followed in those days.

The theory according to which mixing vessels were distinguished in old times has been completely changed.

Mixing vessels at that time were differentiated according to the requirements and their capabilities. That was the age when you are just required to recognize the viscosity of your materials. You are just required to have a look upon the shear demanded by the droplet and then depending on it you just choose out the most efficient mixing vessels among the few available. Well, those days are gone now.

The rapid advancements in the engineering and latest designs have just divided the mixing vessels in various categories like that of vacuum homogenizers, high shear mixers and multi-shaft mixers etc. This has increased the versatility of mixers much more than they used to have before.

The drastic advancement and change in the technology has revolutionized our lives and also the task of choosing mixing vessels. Nowadays we have various applications which could provide us with two, three or even more than three different sorts of mixers each meeting our quality and standard. This has led to increase our production many times, efficiency in cost and various other factors.

So, if you have made up your mind to change or replace your already existing  mixing vessels with new ones, you will discover that the new models present are capable of producing much more than the older ones. Now, you can have access to various latest technology machines that can help you in mixing even some special sorts of materials.

There are various cases when you are required to mix pastes and viscous gels. They are highly viscous and their viscosity can range to several million cps which is quite a high figure. However, the mixing of such viscous materials can also be efficiently done by various economical and efficient mixing vessels like multi-shaft mixers, planetary mixers and many others.

But you should be well aware about the application of various types of mixing vessels available today. You can consult any of the reliable industrial mixer manufactures who has a well equipped testing laboratory. He can help you in choosing the most suitable mixing vessels according to your applications.

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