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Things to consider when choosing a mixing machine supplier

August 23, 2013

You may be in the market for a new mixing machine supplier for your industrial needs, or maybe you are a small business owner or individual who wants to know how to find you’re first mixing machine supplier and you don’t want to go in blind. This is what this article is all about; we aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge to proceed in choosing a reliable mixing machine supplier.

Primarily you’ll want a supplier that offers you peace of mind, reliability, on time delivery, value for money and a customer orientated service. How to find these things is a little trickier than writing that list. Here are the 3 main topics:


A good supplier is a reliable one, not just in the manner of dealing with your orders, questions or even complaints (hopefully this shouldn’t happen with a good supplier but sometimes errors are made) but also the products they sell, if they provide a warrantee, etc. To find out if a supplier you are interested in has these qualities, look at online reviews – as these will tell you a great deal of information about how they deal with most aspects of their business, you will see how customers are treated from an independent view and, as they are online, how the supplier may have addressed any of these that are derogatory to their performance which may show exactly what you’re looking for to do with customer service and satisfaction. Another way to find this out is to of course, ask previous and current customers about their experience. If the supplier has excellent reviews both on and offline then this will provide you with your peace of mind too.


To assess if they will deliver your necessary products and orders on time you can check out their company website. If they give you a specific allotted time check back on reviews to see if previous customers found this to be true. If they do not give you an exact fixed timeframe then e-mail them and ask what is their usual delivery estimate or expected timeframe, a good company should be able to tell you this (along with responding to your enquiry in a timely manner).

Value for Money

This is actually probably the easiest to ascertain as it doesn’t involved anyone’s personal perspective, it is completely objective. Search the internet for suppliers in your industry and pick one certain product that they all stock to use as a comparison, making note of what you find, any deals or freebies they offer and any sales that may be active. Also keep an eye out for advertising that says they will give you a certain level of money off by signing up to their newsletter etc.

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