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The technology of ultra high shear mixing

May 2, 2013

Industry can be a very technical and precise operation. The reality of the lab is that it’s not limited to beakers and flasks. Modern industry is full of high shear mixers which are comprised of a large vessel being used for intricate processes. There is much planning that goes into obtaining the final product. Even though it is dealing with larger substances and quantities the particles and droplet size must be under serious scrutiny so that the desired results are found in the final batch.

Because of the intricacy and criticalness it is an ongoing challenge to achieve the most from the high-shear rotor/stator mixer and do so in the most efficient manner. This includes not only finances but time management strategies. When making a batch for any mixing procedure there is a fine balance that must be achieved. The cycle time, size of the batch, cost per cycle and capital costs are all under consideration as well. The final goal is to find the most economical and practical way to produce the desired particle and remain effective.

Switching to an ultra high-shear system is often the best solution. It can achieve production goals in a single application. It is a little more expensive than the traditional high shear mixer but since it can complete production in one pass it allows for conservation of time and effort, thereby being economically beneficial.

It applies an extraordinary high shear thus which is why it can complete the process in a single pass. The high shear is also why it can produce an extremely narrow particle to distribute. This is very advantageous especially for products that need a uniform distribution.

It is a very complicated process and can be very challenging to understand the high shear mixer. Traditionally industries used low shear mixers which made testing complicated. Spending some time discussing the trade with a manufacturer of mixers can help with the analyzing of the test. You can use your own formulas and ingredient and alter the process to model the unique condition of your production line. Remember to test a wide variety of equipment including the traditional in line high shear mixers. Include also the ultra high shear mixers. Using a wide variety of equipment will help you narrow down the possibilities to find what will work best for your particular lab situation.

Ultimately the desire is to find the best emulsifier for the job while keeping production costs to a minimum.

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