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The perfume machine: its mesmerizing melody

August 20, 2013

Perfumery as an art has been popular ever since the earliest civilization in Egypt began. And when we talk about perfumery, it does not only include the different aromas of a perfume but also that of the perfume machine. So let’s tackle the delightful particulars on perfume and the perfume machine, and be mesmerized.

The Music: Perfume

Perfume has been likened a lot of times to music, thereby making a perfume machine the instrument that produces beautiful music. Perfume are said to contain three notes – notes of the head, notes of the heart, and notes of depth. These notes of perfume conspire to make the world an aromatic and pleasant place to dwell in.

The first notes of perfume, the notes of the head, are like the first set of sound heard upon the first strum of a guitar, the instrument – the perfume machine. These notes are the ones that easily evaporate into air, making it the first aroma that can be smelled. It is meant to captivate the attention of anyone who smells it as soon as it is splashed out from the perfume’s container.

The notes of the heart are those that charms and embraces you, drawing you nearer. If that of the first note can be likened to flirty eyes looking at you, the second notes are like calling your name, hypnotizing you to be next to the person wearing the perfume. It is meant to attract you to get to know it better.

The last but definitely not the least among the notes of perfume are the notes of depth. These notes linger the longest. It is as if it won’t ever let go of you. It wants you to stay right beside where it is. As in music, it enchants you to sing the song over and over until you get to memorize it not just by word alone but by the heart and soul.

The Instrument: The Perfume Machine

The perfume machine, on the other hand, is the instrument that produces wonderful music – music of different tones, of different arrangements, from different composers, nonetheless producing equally amazing music that is perfume.

The perfume machine is made into a masterpiece that is basically composed of a mixing tank, which can be likened to a sound box, where all the notes – the ingredients of perfume such as oil, alcohol, and parts of plants and trees – connive to make fantastic music. Also, chilling and filtration systems are present which can be considered as the speaker grill cloth cover that deliberately eradicates impurities to deliver a clear music.

The Melody of the Music and the Instrument

There may be different notes, different arrangements, different composers, as well as different kinds of instruments, but there will always be that wonderful melody when the music – the perfume – and the instrument – the perfume machine – conspire only to make us – the listeners – be spellbound by the magic it is bringing.

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