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The new double planetary mixer

April 25, 2013

For those industries that rely on high viscosity mixers, there is a new mixer that may be able to cut costs and increase production rates. It can replace the double arm kneaders in most applications.

The double arm kneaders have been the choice when mixing heavier materials like adhesives. But it costs about three times as much as a double planetary mixer. It also requires quite a bit more floor space in the lab. The double arm mixer also uses more energy than the double planetary mixer.

The double planetary mixer has several features that make it a better choice. Items that come standard with the mixer include pre-wired controls, enclosed construction, self contained unit and variable speed inverter drives.

It is an all-in-one mixer which has control options such as turnkey automation, a simple interface as well as data logging capabilities. It can provide for proper heat transfer, change can design, and manage vacuum pressure. It has three blade designs from which to choose. This enables you to choose the right flow pattern for the batch being mixed.

Newly designed HV blades allow for mixing high viscosity products. Rectangular blades are ideal for wet or dry blending. They are productive no matter what the consistency is and what the batch’s flow characteristics consist of. Finger blades are preferable for mixing fibers or delicate solids. They can be custom designed and fine tuned for a particular flow.

For materials that are very thick the HV blades are preferred. Silicone sealants, molding compounds and heavy hot melts are all the types of batches that the HV blades would work well with. However, for solid butyl mixtures the double arm mixer is better because it is better designed to break up solid rubber chunks.

The HV blades are also well designed to handle sticky substances. Carbon fillers and other applications that tend to try to climb the blades and stick to lower crossbars like those in a double planetary mixer seem to do well with HV blades. Since the lower crossbar is not included in models with HV blades this does not pose a problem.

The new mixer designs are available at several sites. They are there to allow for testing. This opportunity to try them firsthand with your own unique ingredients and process is imperative. This way you can simulate the exact mixing conditions that are used on your process line. It will help you fine tune your process. Testing is an invaluable tool to help find ways of saving money and time in production.

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