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The importance of industrial mixing

July 25, 2013

industrial mixing

Industrial mixing is a very important process because the quality of the final product will be derived by that quality of the mix. If industrial mixing is not going to be done well it will lead to a non homogenous product which lacks consistency. There are different process of mixing and there are ever increasing industrial mixing processes when it comes to industrial applications which need careful selection and design to make sure that there is effective and efficient mixing. Most modern mixers have been in such a way that they can combine different processes in one equipment.

In the world of industrial mixing a mixer is not considered as a generic production tool, it is critical and decisive equipment. There are some industries which use batch mixing which is a simple process. The materials are put in a container and the batch is mixed completely. After mixing the product is sent to another stage of production.

In industrial mixing the terms mixing and blending are used most of the time but there are different things. Blending is the process of combining materials and it is a gentle process compared to mixing. Blending is also the process of mixing bulk solids using small quantity of liquid. In chemical process industries mixing and blending are one of the most demanding processes. Industries in pharmaceutical and foods depend so much on mixing and blending technology.

Industrial mixing equipments are grouped according to the type of material that is being mixed. There are three main classification of mixing equipment mainly blenders, agitators and heavy duty mixers. Most manufacturers of food, chemicals, paint, cosmetics and other type of fluid industries depend so much on the mixing industry and technology. The main goal of mixing is combining more than two or more materials to create uniform and exact results. Thou, blending, mixing and agitation are some of the most popular terms that are used interchangeably blending is a gentle process because it combines two and more solids in a perfectly blended state, it sometimes adds a small amount of fluid to the product.

The demand of coming up with effective industrial mixers is still going to continue, industrial mixing manufacturers will be forced to come up with unique mixing products because the evolution of mixing is progressing forward. New mixing technologies guarantee low operation costs and short production time.

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