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The importance of food mixer

April 27, 2013

The food mixer is usually used in the food industry and it’s used for two types of production: beverages and food. The difference between the food mixer and any other types of industrial mixer is that the food mixer is covered at the beginning of the mixing process, so the product will keep its flavour there. As the other types of mixers, this one is very easy to control. All you have to do is to set up the commands on the computer program and to select the speed of the propellers, the number of rotations and the working time. The viscosity is very important in the alimentary domain, and there’s rarely a product that it’s only liquid in the alimentary food, and that one is the milk.

However, there’s no alimentary industry without a food mixer, because without the mixer you can’t obtain the product, and without the product you won’t have a production. The alimentary industry is very precise and if you don’t create the right mixture you destroy the whole product, because you change the taste of the food. For example, for obtaining the sausages are used the following substances: starch, alimentary fats, pepper, salt, and meat flavour. The product it will be a mass, made from this mixture and then its next moving is to the packing machine. If you destroy the mass mixture, then the product won’t reach the packing machine and if it your fault you’ll have to support the costs for the damage that you’ve provoked. The problems are not occurring from the food mixer because it’s very easy and handy to work with it, but the problems appear when you don’t mix the right substances, and you’re creating something different then your employer requested you.

If you notice that something it’s not working at the mixer notice your employer as soon as possible, because a little defection can destroy the whole food that you are creating in the mixer. If you notice the problem in time you can solve it very fast, but if you don’t have enough skills and knowledge to solve it by your own you can call for a specialist who will help you with the broken mixer. Also, your employer might have warranty for the food mixer, and you solved the problem with the mixer, and you’ve escaped from a conflict with your employer.

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