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The different types of perfume mixer machines

July 20, 2013

perfume mixer machine

A wide variety of perfume mixer machines are available in the market today. Each of them has its own unique features and specifications that need to be examined, especially if you opt to buy one for yourself and for your business. In order to help you decide on which is the best for you, here are some of the models and types that are sold to the public together with their details.

XS Perfume Mixer Machine with Integrated Chiller

This perfume mixer machine is best for producing high quality perfume. It is brought to us by Ginhong. The XS perfume making equipment has a capacity of 50 ~ 1000 liters, and is controlled manually. Its key features include a perfume making vessel and an air diaphragm that is made in the USA, and a static air-powered agitator. Chilling, filtering, and piping systems are also incorporated to assure the best quality of perfume will be produced. In addition, tanks such as maturation tank and storage tank, together with filler and conveyors are available.

It is important to note also that the company, Ginhing, is making itself available for any alterations or requests to suit the client’s particular needs pertaining to their own perfume machine. Such examples would be the attachment of an anti-sepsis pneumatic membrane pump that works together with a freeze motor which is capable of removing impurities from the fresh ingredients being processed.

XS Perfume Mixer Machine with Separate Chiller

A perfume mixer machine is a kind of mixer machine that has a polypropylene micro-porous membrane that has a capacity of up to 0.2 micrometers. This type of perfume making machinery filters out impurities found in the ingredients while they are being mixed. It has a capacity of 100 ~ 1000 liters and has a push button control panel for effortless and smooth operation.

This perfume mixer machine includes a pre-mixer, tanks for storage, and a separate tank for perfume mixing. A chiller that is designed with a remote control is also a special feature of this mixer machine. In addition, it uses different power supplies which allows for versatility.

XS Perfume Mixer Machine without Chiller

Produced from Jiangsu China this perfume mixer machine is named the perfume blending machine. The special features include a condensing group that is made up of a measuring tank, diaphragm pump, cooling pan, kettle, and strainer. It has a capable of handling 50 ~ 5000 liters in volume with pneumatically driven agitator.

The XS perfume mixer machine’s cooling pan is cooled by its condensing group and its temperature cooler has its own temperature controller. Also, the mixing is done through an air-powered motor control. This perfume machine is best for large-scale production of perfume.

The above perfume mixer machines are just three of the many models which are available and can be acquired through the internet. Manufacturing company has their websites along with their contact numbers. So have a great time choosing the best perfume mixer machine for you and your business.

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