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The definitions of stir and stirrer

March 29, 2013


If you stir a liquid or other substance, you move it around or mix it in a container using something such as a spoon.

Stir is the act to mix something thoroughly or to cool something with an object like a stick. Stir generally refers to a gentle and slight movement. We usually stir powders into liquids to help the powder dissolve in the liquid quickly.

In emulsifying machines, stir happens at three stages. Firstly, when we put ingredients into oil phase mixer, we should stir the oil materials like fat and wax to melt them quickly. Secondly, when we add some solids into water phase mixer, we should stir the powder into the water to help the powder dissolve fast.

In the main vacuum emulsifying mixer, oil and water phases are stirred and mixed completely by scraper and stirrer. Of course, homogenizer makes the function to form emulsion.


Stirrer is a stirring device used for stirring a liquid or other substance. Stirrer is widely used to mix two or more substance or dissolve solid into liquid.

Stirrer is mostly used in chemical industry as the mixing part of a chemical reactor. A typical stirrer included a rotating propeller with several blades, a rotating shaft and the transmission part. The core of a stirrer is the rotating blades. According to different applications, there’re a lot of stirrers to choose.

For low viscosity liquid, the flat and straight blades are used for a gentle mixing. For preparations in pharmaceuticals, the blade is like the propeller used in a boat which pushes the preparation and makes it circulate inside the vacuum mixer.

When making cream, the stirrer with Teflon wall wipers is a must to stir the oil and water completely and helps the formation of cream.

Stirrers have fixed installation and portable installation. For fixed installation, the stirrer is mounted into the mixing tank from top, side or bottom by flanges.

For portable installation, the stirrer is attached to a lifting device (pneumatic lifting, hydraulic lifting, electrical lifting and manual lifting, etc). When the stirrer is lifted, you put the mixing tank under it and lower the stirrer inside the tank to start stirring.

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