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The definitions of mix, mixer and mixture

March 20, 2013


If two substances mix or if you mix one substance with another, you stir or shake them together, or combine them in some other way, so that they become a single substance.

These substances include solid, liquid, semi-solid and gas and you can mix any of these substances whether they’re naturally soluble or insoluble.

Mix is the most general term and includes different methods for different mixing processes including stir/agitate, disperse and homogenize/homogenise.

Mixing operation has two basic types as mechanical mixing and gas-flow mixing. Mechanic mixing is much more popular and widely used in every industry.

Low shear mixing generally refers to the mixing by slow speed anchor stirrer, scraper and impeller etc. High shear mixing generally includes high speed dispersing and rotor stator homogenizing.


A mixer is mixing equipment used for mixing two or more substances. It has long history and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, mining, paper, coating, metallurgy and water treatment industries.

Mixers are used as reactors in many circumstances. But most mixers are not used for chemical reactions. They’re used for mixing ingredients, heat transfer, mass transfer, making emulsions and suspensions etc.

Mixers are divided by vacuum mixers and atmospheric mixers. Vacuum mixers have more advantages than atmospheric mixers and are more popular in fine chemicals industry.

A mixer generally includes two parts: mixing device and mixing container. Mixing device includes agitator, stirrer, disperser and homogenizer etc. Mixing container includes vacuum tank, atmospheric tank, single-jacketed vessel, double-jacketed vessel and single-layer vessel etc.


The mixture is the final substance got by mixing up several substances. The mixture can be of any state as solid, liquid, semi-solid and gas. Typical mixtures include emulsion, dispersion, suspension, solution and dissolution etc.

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