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The definitions of disperse, disperser and dispersion

March 28, 2013


When something disperses or when you disperse it, it spreads over a wide area. Disperse is more popular to describe mixing solid and liquid which are naturally insoluble.

When the solid and liquid are dispersed, the small particles will be distributed evenly throughout the medium.

Disperse often happens with emulsify and homogenize when oil, water and powder are processed in a vacuum mixer.


Disperser is a dispersing machine for dispersing something, such as dispersing solids into liquids.

Disperser is a kind of high shear mixer which is widely used in chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries. In multi-shaft mixers, disperser is an important part which helps break the solid in small particles into the liquid. Sometimes it’s replaceable with homogenizer for better dispersing, homogenizing and emulsifying.

The typical disperser includes one toothed disc, the rotating shaft and transmission part. Accordingly to different requirements, two or more toothed discs can be mounted in the same shaft for better dispersing.

Dispersers generally work with vacuum mixers or tanks and have fixed installation and portable installation. For fixed installation, the disperser is mounted into the vacuum mixer from top, side or bottom by flanges.

For portable installation, the disperser is attached to a lifting device (pneumatic lifting, hydraulic lifting, electrical lifting and manual lifting, etc). When the disperser is lifted, you put the tank under it and lower the disperser inside the tank to start dispersing.

You can find dispersers working with mixers and tanks in every paints, coatings and inks factory.


Dispersion is a mixture in which particles are dispersed in a continuous phase of a different composition. Dispersion is sometimes called suspension, colloid and solution with different viscosity.

Dispersion also refers to the process of dispersing or diffusing something.

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