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The definitions of agitate, agitator and agitation

March 29, 2013


Agitate means to make something, especially a liquid, move around by stirring or shaking it. It’s a more formal word with similar meaning to stir. But agitate describes the mixing action more violently and quickly.

We usually agitate powders into liquids to help the powder dissolve in the liquid quickly. Or we agitate different liquids to make them mix completely.

Take cosmetic cream making machine for example, agitate happens at three stages in the vacuum mixer. First we put ingredients into oil phase mixer and agitate the oil materials such as fat and wax to melt them quickly. Second we feed some solids into water phase mixer and agitate the powder into the water to help the powder dissolve quickly.

In the main emulsifying mixer, oil and water phases are agitated and mixed completely by the contra rotating scraper and agitator. Of course, homogenizer plays the most important role to form cream.


Agitator is an agitating device used for agitating something such as liquid. Agitator is popular when we mix two or more substances or dissolve powders into liquids.

Agitator is mostly used in chemical industry as the mixing part of a chemical reactor. A typical agitator includes a rotating propeller with several blades, a rotating shaft and the transmission part. Agitator has different rotating blades to choose depending on different applications the agitator applies for.

For fluid with low viscosity, the agitator with flat and straight blades is usually used for a gentle mixing. For preparations in pharmaceuticals, the agitator blade looks like the propeller used in a boat which pushes the preparation and makes it circulate inside the vacuum mixers.

When making cream, the agitator with Teflon wall wipers works with homogenizer to mix, emulsify and homogenize the oil and water completely and helps to form cream.

Agitators have fixed installation and portable installation. For fixed installation, the agitator is mounted into the mixer tanks from top, side or bottom by flanges. Another typical installation is to fix the agitator at the top edge of a mixer tank with a c-clamp. In this installation, the agitator has a sloping angle with the tank which makes better agitation.

For portable installation, the agitator is attached to a lifting device (pneumatic lifting, hydraulic lifting, electrical lifting and manual lifting, etc). When the agitator is lifted, you put the mixer tanks under it and put down the agitator inside the mixer tank to agitate the liquids.


Agitation is the act or process of agitating or mixing a liquid. The agitators are used in an agitation process.

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