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The crucial responsibilities of vacuum emulsifying homogenizer

August 3, 2013

The crucial responsibilities of vacuum emulsifying homogenizers are sticky suspension and postponement. Basically, it is used to mix the material of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and food products. In United States and Asia, this emulsifying homogenizer is renowned for its features.

Fundamental parts of vacuum emulsifying homogenizer

Generally, the product is based on basic mixer, water and oil phase mixer, hydraulic system of lifting, vacuum and tilting system, cooling and heating process, electric and temperature control method etc.

There is a high shear homogenizer that is used for mixing purpose. The center agitator, homogenizer and scraper are fixed on the top cover.

The construction of water and oil phase is same. It contains fast moving disperser that is fixed on top cover. It enables the ingredients to dissolve. There are many customers who try to leave out the water and oil phase. They like to work with the specific emulsifying fixer.

Responsibilities of vacuum emulsifying homogenizer

The agitator moves in a slow sped when the mixing of materials initiate. The Teflon Blades help the ingredients to come out of the vessels. The mixer moves up and do not fix with the wall of vessel. Otherwise, the fixed material can burn due to high temperature.

On the other hand, the impeller circulated clockwise and shifts the cream in the lower high circulating, emulsifying and homogenizing part. Due to two different powers of wall scraper and agitator, the product moves on the vessel up and down and down to top constantly. The heat is expelled from the jackets when the cream is prepared. This heat relocates to all parts that are connected with inner wall.

The homoginizer is the basic functional part of emulsifying mixture. It has rotor and stator. Siemens or ABB drive the rotor whereas the speed of this rotation is up to 3000rpm. This high-speed movement is liable of suction power.

The low and high power keeps on acting on the product. As a result, the product can get mixed and emulsified. Sometimes, foam is created in cream while up and down movement. These bubbles are removed by vacuum pump. This vacuum pump is responsible of transporting the water and oil to basic emulsifying fusion. If there are little particles of powder, the vacuum pipe also hijacks these particles; therefore vacuum pipe keeps the cream clean and dust free.

Vacuum emulsifying homogenizer is used for a lot of products. It is useful for complete blending and emulsification purposes. Here is a list of some of products that are extracted by the hard work and circulation power of homoginizer.

  • In cosmetic industry cream, wax, lotion, gel, mascara and other cosmetic products are achieved by vacuum emulsifying homoginizer.
  • In medical industry ointment, injections, syrup and dental composite are obtained by vacuum emulsifying homoginizer.
  • In food industry jam, mayonnaise, butter and margarine are prepared by vacuum emulsifying homoginizer.

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