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The advantages of dual shaft mixers

April 15, 2013

The modern age has brought with it exorbitant demands that were never seen, let alone fulfilled, at any time in recorded history. Time is suddenly a commodity that must be created, as there is barely enough of it being supplied by nature. Effort is a precious item, and whether we like it or not, we are moving at a pace that will soon render human effort useless and we will be totally dependent on machines. It is thus imperative that the machines we design and manufacture can handle the increasing pressures the future will impose on them, and be adaptive enough to withstand these demands and rise to the occasion.

In the world of mixing machinery, the invention of the dual shaft mixer system was something akin to a revolution. In principle, it made it possible to conduct two separate mixing processes in the same mixing tank by means of two individual mixers. This system is comprised of two components – an anchor agitator and a disperser that works at very high values of speed. The anchor is responsible for feeding the product into the high speed disperser and bringing it in contact with the rapidly moving blades of the disperser. This makes sure that the ingredient particles are always being circulated in the tank and are never at rest. It is the job of the disperser to break up the particles thrown at it into extremely fine subdivisions, and when repeated often enough this process enables the ultimate attainment of a homogenized mix in which minuscule particles of all the participating ingredients are blended together in the form of one consistent mix.

The disperser shaft can be customized by adding more blades to the existing configuration. This would create more shear and thus more particles would be broken up at one time as compared to a case in which the disperser is comprised of the regular number of blades. Some systems are customized by adding an entirely new disperser shaft to the existing setup. In today’s age, customizability is a major concern in practically all walks of life, thanks to the sheer variety of demands and deadlines that are required to be met by both man and machine. The dual shaft mixer system is proof that at least the machine family is working hard to try and meet the ever increasing standards imposed by the basic nature of this era.

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